Fruits of My Labor

Debra Kelberg – Senior Account Executive at Comcast Spotlight

Eve is the voice of many wonderful television commercials! She is a top-notch talent with as much experience, professionalism and creativity as you can ask from anyone. Her range of talent is extensive, but her determination for satisfying the client is unequaled. Eve is number one on the list for female voice-over talent, and a true pleasure to work with!

Steve Ciaccio IT Consulting

One of the most professional people I have meet, she is prompt and extremely fast. The quality of her work is 110%, her voice over project for my company has left me speechless. Definate home run with satisfaction of project. Thank You Eve, for your hard work.

Adam Bauser Producer

Eve is a consistently great talent. Whether it’s straight-up narration, character work, or delivering a pitch, she is always spot-on. She is as professional as they come and I definitely intend to work with her again.

Christine Arleo – Law Clerk at Robert L. Arleo Esq,

Eve is such a pleasure to work with. She takes the written word and brings them to life. She is so creative with her voice, she truly has a talent for the spoken word. Eve worked within in our crazy deadline and delivered a very professional product. It was tough to decide which of the takes I liked the best.

Andrew Howe – Chief Operating Officer at Red Nucleus

It is a true pleasure working with Eve. She has high energy and a great attitude. I have always been very pleased with the results.

Kristy Pinand-Dumpert – VP of Sales and Marketing at Concepts TV Productions

Eve has a very versatile voice and is a delight to work with. She is on time, personable, and very professional.

Rob Linsalata – Owner, M (Branding, Advertising, Design)

Eve has been a blast to work with. She’s versatile, enthusiastic, professional and fun. She’s dropped everything at a moment’s notice to help us out of a jam, and she’s just plain great at what she does. I’m looking forward to working with her again!

Maria Dragann – Strategic Account Manager at QualityHealth

At M3-Health – Eve was our dedicated voice over talent – we used her for the 2 years of my employment there. She was extremely professional and work closely with my ideas and gave input with her ideas as well to make sure we had the best outcome. She had a range of “voices/talent” that she would use and demonstrate to me – while letting me choose which one would fit best with my project. If the opportunity ever presented itself again, she would be the first person I would call.

Mike Simmons – Owner/engineer, Mars Digital Audio

It’s a true pleasure working with Eve, she’s a real pro. Whether it’s the first take of the day or the last of a long narration, her energy and personality shine. When she’s in the booth I know that the end result will be GREAT